I help employees to build a meaningful job & life, being authentic and aligned with their TRUE SELF

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How to Identify your 10 Core Values which Drives your Life


  • You have a feeling of blurring, doubt or loss of control of your professional life.
  • You feel like you’re living a life where you check the boxes of a to-do list and you wonder what you’re doing there
  • You think you have a job of nonsense and that tires you, just by thinking about it in the morning when you get up
  • You have a feeling of deep emptiness and a dictation of the reign of “I work so I am”
  • You are in a situation of burnout, or even at the edge of burn, boron or brown-out

You’d like to :

  • A job that makes you want to get up in the morning and allows you to achieve your full potential
  • Make sense in your business while balancing pleasure and financial security
  • Don’t miss out on your life, find a job that most fits you and identify your true place in this world
  • Reconnecting with the 3 essential elements: yourself others and nature
  • You burst into your professional life and no longer be afraid in order to get the fulfilled and happy life you deserve!

And if you could start changing your life in the next 90 days, what would you do?

"Become who you are" - Nietzsche

What I propose you

I offer you a personalized coaching that will allow you to bring out the solutions, challenge yourself and take action from the first coaching session!

I will accompany you on a path that will involve identifying your resources and blockages as well as implementing the changes to be made.

These different offers that I propose will be a time bubble that will allow you to devote time to yourself in order to get to know yourself better and to find an alignment with your values and your life mission.

Who I Am


I'm Houefa, a life Purpose & Transformation Coach

I help people find meaning in their work. To do this, I work on the emergence of their deep values and life missions so that these people can live in harmony with themselves and their environment.

My ambition is to accompany you to overcome obstacles to fulfill your goals and dreams and thus enjoy your life while being yourself and happy to affirm it!

Houefa G.

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