Who I am?


Hello, I'm Houefa, Coach in Transformation & Life Purpose

My area of expertise is coaching meaning and alignment with oneself.

Concretely, this means that I support people to find meaning in their work. For this, I work on the emergence of their deep values and life missions.

Identifying your core values allows you to better understand your drivers and your raison d’être. Thanks to this, you will finally be able to identify your talents and the professional environments that best suit you and thus live in harmony with yourself.

My ambition is to help you overcome obstacles to achieve your goals and dreams and thus enjoy your life while being yourself and happy to be affirmed!

Who I am

I have several professional activities in parallel.

First of all, I have been working for 13 years as an employee in a large group of the CAC40, in particular in supporting digital and cultural transformations. Through this activity, I realized the importance of engaging employees from the start of the change and giving meaning to the decisions and strategies implemented. Without this sense and a shared vision, a transformation cannot be successful.

All employees, whether executive, project manager or operational, must be clear with their own values and aligned with the values carried by the company. This is an important lever to guarantee the success of these transformations and thus develop commitment, motivation and promote the well-being of all.

In addition, nowadays and in our current society, which has to face new challenges, I am more and more confronted with ill-being at work of the collaborators. The lack of meaning, an increasing demotivation and an increasingly present disengagement which, unfortunately, impact the physical and mental health of these employees.

I also experienced this situation before I realized that the problem was not with me. I realized that I had to analyze my external environment and also develop a better understanding of myself in order to decide who I really wanted to be. In short, accept me as I am and accept that certain professional environments do not suit me because they are not aligned with my values.

Understanding this allows me today to choose the types of missions I want to work on, even if it means closing my professional doors. At the end of the day, I am happy and proud of the work I have accomplished!

Today, I decided to make it my fight and my mission as a professional coach. I therefore offer, in addition to my salaried activity, personalized support for employees who wish to rediscover this sense, this motivation, this positive energy of getting up in the morning to accomplish the objectives that these people have set for themselves in their lives.