A Personalised 1:1 Coaching

My Mission

I support people to find meaning in their professional activity by reconnecting them to their values and life missions.

Most of my clients work in companies. These people reach a stage in their professional life where they feel dissatisfied, incomplete and / or exhausted professionally. I help them find what they really want to achieve and what they lack in their professional life and how to get it.

Thanks to coaching and personal development, I help these people to have confidence in their capacities and to acquire the courage to build an authentic professional life and in their image.

Beyond reaching your goals, I will help you arm yourself so that you can manage your challenges by yourself! For this, you will develop a better understanding of your functioning, a better knowledge of yourself and your values.

It’s about starting a real personal transformation. I will help you to become again the architect of your life!

What is Coaching?

Coaching is an alliance between the coach and his clients in a process that inspires reflection and creativity in them in order to maximize their personal and professional potential.

To support the development of a person, a team or an organization, the coach relies on:

  • the art of relationships which allow one to interact with someone in such a way that he realizes the projects he chooses to implement by transforming, if relevant, his attitudes and skills.
  • the science of maieutics, that is to say the art of bringing out solutions in the mind of the client that we support so that the latter obtains concrete and measurable results in his professional and personal life.

What I Propose you

The support starts with a first discovery interview offered.

This interview will allow us to discuss your request together, get to know each other and ask all the practical questions that come to mind. During this 1st interview, we will also work on your request in order to define together an overall concrete objective which will follow us round throughout your support. Following this interview, I will email you a proposal.

Single Session

  • 1 hour strategic start call
  • 1 hour individual session
  • 30-min closing call

Package 3

  • 1 hour strategic start call
  • 3 hrs individual sessions
  • 30-min closing call